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Top class construction and redevelopment

Our field of activities comprises functional and efficient solutions for heating systems and other service engineering, environmental technology, bathrooms and swimming pools.

Out of love for details and ancient buildings we have specialized in careful renovation of protected historic buildings, villas and castles. But we also equip new buildings and would like to surpass your expectations!

With sensitivity we adapt the facilities needed to your house, its style and its singularity. You can enjoy comfort and wellness according to latest technological developments.

Underfloor heating or a heating which is not to be seen in this beautiful room? A noble bathroom on highest level suiting the architecture of your villa? You want to use water with environmentalism in mind?

Ask us! Have a look at our activities and our references and do not hesitate to contact us!

The Ammers

Ammer Versorgungstechnik GmbHWerner-Heisenberg-Weg 8D-85375 Neufahrn
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